Alternative Therapies


Alternative Therapy

All treatment times are approximate and take into account your time in the salon. If an appointment is missed or less than 24 hours notice is given 50% of the treatment will still be charged to cover our time.

Alternative Therapies



Involving the healing effects of essential oils specifically blended to a personal prescription. Using eastern massage techniques with oils that will help to relax, energise or uplift. Full body massage to include head and scalp.

75 Minutes



The ancient art of reflexology is used by working on the reflect points of the hands and feet, which in turn corresponds to parts of the body therefore treating the body as a whole.

45 Minutes

Hopi Ear Candling


A pleasant non-evasive treatment of the ears. A natural ear cleansing technique, that is simple and a safe method of removing excess wax, infections and residuals of past ear infections. The ear candle induces a revitalising heat upon the head and the ears, which soothes and relaxes.

45 Minutes

Indian Head Massage


An ancient form of massage including the head, face, scalp and shoulders. Can be used to help a variety of health problems such as migraines, stress, muscular pain and insomnia.

45 Minutes





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